In January 2020, I started a branding business, a podcast: Pretty Sure Podcast (you can listen to it here), and soon after, my life started to change as I fell in love with podcasting and slowly found my voice again. 

I turned my mess of not feeling enough, alone and, misunderstood, I let go of my limiting beliefs and the little voice in my head telling me: “you’re not an influencer, nobody cares what you have to say”…into my message of: who gives a f**k, you’re awesome just the way you are, and if only ONE person listens, you’ve changed at least one life already!

My mission now, is to help entrepreneurs like YOU do the exact same thing and go through the process of overcoming your imposter syndrome, to turn your mess into a powerful message! All, so you can become badass podcasters that impact the world through your stories and grow your business your way!

fashion marketer, turned podcast host & coach for creative entrepreneurs

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Pretty Sure Podcast has consistently stayed in the Top 50 charts since its creation in April 2020 and has listenership throughout Europe, as well as North America (US, UK & France being top 3 countries).

And Sabrina's business Instagram continues growing and engaging new audiences with over 70% of her audience coming from the United States between the ages of 21-35, primarily female with 25% being male as well.

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We're highly selective abut what brands we partner with, as our listeners and audience have come to expect a certain quality standard from us.

To ensure it's a successful partnership on both ends, we can only support and endorse products/brands that have values such as gender inclusivity & equality, racial diversity & have ethical or sustainable practices.

If you believe we'd be a great fit to do a partnership together and are interested in knowing more, feel free to contact below.

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The biggest audience pool is from the United States, after which is France, followed by UK & Mexico, then Australia. Millennials between the ages of 21-35, predominantly female identifying, although the male identifying audience is on the rise as well. They're people that either have a good corporate job, or are entrepreneurs and have been in business for 3 years or less.

Either in a relationship, or single and thriving, with bold personalities and who are not afraid to speak their truth or talk about taboo subjects. Topics they like include beauty, food & beverages, travel, business hacks & sex. amongst others

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As with the Podcast Episode, we can discuss whether it's a review of a physical/virtual product, a clearly marked: sponsored by..., or a native blog post such as 5 tips to... blog post sponsored by....
Limited to 500 words per post.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Includes a post with the product styled by Sabrina, mentioning the offer & natively talking about the product, clearly marked as #ad & 1 revision/reshoot.
For feed posts, we require a full tester of the product in order to endorse it on our Instagram.

Sponsored IG Feed Post 

2-3 story slides of Sabrina talking about the product, the offer and any specific promotion you would like to share at the time. As with the feed posts, we require a full tester of the product in order to endorse it on our Instagram. We won't promote products we haven't tried.

Sponsored IG Story Post 

We've run various sponsorships in the past which can range from an ad in the beginning or middle of the episode, or a native brand endorsement mentioning a specific product, or even mentioning the episode being sponsored specifically by the brand before and after the show.

Sponsored Podcast Episode

$150 per post

$150 per post

$150 per post

$150 per episode

Like the show, Sabrina's vibes and think we're a good fit to partner? Press the button below or contact us at and we'll consider & get back to you shortly regarding your enquiry!

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Founded by me, Podcast coach, content creator & host of Pretty Sure Podcast. This is YOUR place to connect with fellow content creators, have fun, make friends & turn your mess into your message. We couldn't find a community like this... so we just created one!


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