I've been where you're currently at, I come from struggle town, and was the mayor of
low-self-esteem & lack of confidence city... and I'm guessing you relate to be:

Wanting to tell your story, but scared about other people's reactions?

Dying to start a podcast, but not knowing the tech keeps holding you back?

Wondering if anyone will ever even listen, so not bothering to even try?

Desiring to make an impact, but struggling to connect with others through social media?

THE coaching program for action-takers & change makers

i want to help you turn your mess into your message & step into confidence.

I'm in!!! 🤩

What Coaching Includes

I'm wth you every step of the way

Listen, you don't have to do this alone! I've been through it and I'm here to guide you and for us to work through your struggles together. We'll clear your doubts and work on your blocks in real time to get results quicker. 1:1 coaching creates epic results!

1:1 Coaching Calls

You'll also get access to my digital toolkit of all the tips, tricks and strategies you'll ever need when it comes to sharing your story and starting a podcast. This includes video trainings, ebooks and tutorials made FOR you.


Questions are sure to come up between our calls, but don't worry, I'll be there to support you every step of the way! You'll have a coach (me) in your back pocket at all times through email, or voice/text messages during our program for any question or doubt that arises. 

Virtual Support

I'm here to help you impact others, step into confidence & sell your offers confidently through a podcast!

Create life-changing connections with others around the world that allow you to impact millions?

Boost your confidence and start talking about topics you're passionate about & sell out your offers?

Create a community of people that love you, resonate with your content & want to buy from you?

Turn your mess/shame/sadness into your message & start sharing it confidently with the world?


In 90 days or less, I'll help you launch a podcast you and your audience are obsessed with while we boost your confidence to speak & share your story easily.
I'll give you a step-by-step strategy to start a podcast, give you the tech know-how you need to get started as well.
And we'll create a complete (& fully customized) guide from creation to launch,
without forgetting the mindset shifts & hacks to promote, monetize and never struggle with content again!

Step into confidence & start a podcast in 90 days!

guess what?

i want this!!


the reviews

You crave feeling confident enough to raise your voice and connect with others.

You have a story to share, but you’ve no idea how to make an impact with it...

You’ve tried to start a podcast before, but you just kind of never went through with it?

You care about connection and authenticity, more than vanity metrics.

You’ve wanted to start a podcast for a while, but don't know how and it's holding you back...

You’re a millennial entrepreneur who’s ready to turn their mess into their message & start impacting people!


Learn the easiest, most authentic and fun way to start a podcast! Everything from how to interview, to creating a podcast brand, monetizing & how to promote the non-sleazy way.
Ready to start a podcast in 90 days or less?

let's do this now!

the program

I created the program so there would be 3 Phases within the 7 modules/topics in our time together.

Phase 1 is all about creating the bases for your podcast, and we'll cover everything from creating a brand, to the podcast strategy, the look & feel of the podcast & diving deep into the identity.

It's the longest phase, but the most important one!

Phase ONE:
Create & Plan


In Phase 2, we focus heavily on you guessed it, the content!

The episodes are key to the success of a podcast, and figuring out what you'll talk about, coming up with a structure that's easy and replicable for you, as well as sustainable will make or break your show.

I also believe the art of interviewing, so we cover that aspect thoroughly as well.

Phase 2:


In Phase 3 we focus on creating a launch & marketing strategy for releasing the podcast, as well as ongoing PR & promotion once we've established a schedule.

This is my favorite part, as we cover all the tips & tricks I use to get guests with over 300k followers, how and where to promote your show, and any other fun tools to help you up your podcast game on the long run and sustainably run your show.

Phase 3:
Launch & Promote!




the topics

What you get...
- 6x 50-min 1:1 calls with me
- 1x 90-min session kickstarter
- 15 weeks of private Voxer access to me
- Over 12 worksheets, exercises & resources
- Welcome Kit
- Lifetime access to mini courses

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

Bonus #1: 
Podcast 101 mini-course (valued at $997)
Bonus #2: Podcast PR Audio-Course (valued at $550)
Bonus #3: Guest expert Masterclass (valued at $200)

Let's get started!

Boost your confidence, connect & sell authentically through a podcast!

I'm ready, let's go


I only had an intensive session with Sabrina since I used to be a radio personality and just wanted to know if any skills were transferable nowadays. My mind was blown...after just 60-min with her!! We hashed out my podcast topic, came up with episode ideas & she made me realize how I don't need to feel stuck in one theme, as long as there's a connecting thread.

After one session, she reminded me of the possibilities I only saw as negatives before!

- johanna demuth

I teach dozens of students math every day, and yet when it came to showing up on social media & record my podcasts I just couldn't do it. 
Sabrina helped me gain confidence in knowing I don't need to be an expert, we went through the whole process together, created a brand for my podcast & perfected my message. I feel like I'm finally ready to launch and keep it up afterwards with the systems we put in place!

I used to think I had to be an expert to start a podcast, now I know I just need to be me!

the reviews

I pride myself on being a no-BS, honest coach that will kick your butt when you need it, but support and encourage you the rest of the time. I'll be your best cheerleader and most constructive critic, cause I want YOU to succeed, always! 🥰

you can expect me to 100% kick your butt (with love)


- 6x 50-min 1:1 calls with me
- 1x 90-min session kickstarter
- 15 weeks of private Voxer access to me
- Lifetime access to mini courses
+ bonuses specified above!

5x payment plan



fully committed


- 6x 50-min 1:1 calls with me
- 1x 90-min session kickstarter
- 15 weeks of private Voxer access to me
- Over 12 worksheets, exercises & resources
- Lifetime access to mini courses
BONUS: 1x extra 50-min call +VIP welcome kit

Special launch price!



paid in full


- 6x 50-min 1:1 calls with me
- 1x 90-min session kickstarter
- 15 weeks of private Voxer access to me
- Lifetime access to mini courses
+ bonuses specified above!

3x payment plan



taking it slow

Ready to impact others?


best value!




In January 2020, I started a branding business, a podcast: Pretty Sure Podcast (you can listen to it here), and soon after, my life started to change as I fell in love with podcasting and slowly found my voice again. 

I turned my mess of not feeling enough, alone and, misunderstood, I let go of my limiting beliefs and the little voice in my head telling me: “you’re not an influencer, nobody cares what you have to say”…into my message of: who gives a f**k, you’re awesome just the way you are, and if only ONE person listens, you’ve changed at least one life already!

My mission now, is to help entrepreneurs like YOU do the exact same thing and go through the process of overcoming your imposter syndrome, to turn your mess into a powerful message! All, so you can become badass podcasters that impact the world through your stories and grow your business your way!

i’m sabrina. fashion marketer turned podcasting coach.

nice to meet you,


frequently asked

It's 12 weeks, or if you'd like to think of it as days, 90-days. I made it so, as there's a lot of ground to cover, a lot of things to go over & create, and some of them need time. I also realize this isn't the only thing you're gonna be doing, so most of my clients like having a week in between calls to digest & implement. However, if you want to go faster, you can finish in as little as 7 weeks, but it would be intense, it's up to you!

YESSS!!! Having an idea is not required for this program, all you need is a desire to impact people and share your story. I've worked with enough people to know that sometimes we already have an idea, we just don't know how to phrase it or make sense of it. In any case, I help you with all of it, don't you worry!

100%! I created this program to have certain bases for beginners, however, as it's also fully customizable to where you're currently at in the process, and what your skills are, even if you've already started, I can help you improve, and implement extra things you might have not looked at. All podcast levels are welcome!

Great question! You get forever access to both my mini-courses, and any and all future updates. It's something I'm proud to offer to all my 1:1 clients. The best part is, no one has access to those programs yet, I have not yet made them available anywhere, so they are an exclusive 1:1 bonus 😉

I screen every single one of my potential clients through a mini form and call before I even sign them as clients. This might sound like a long process, it really isn't, but it's mostly to ensure that both YOU & I are a good fit to work together. I give all of myself to my clients and pour a lot of energy into my programs & clients, so I like to make sure we would be a match made in coaching heaven. Rest assured, if we aren't a fit, I'd rather tell you, than waste both of our times & money.

Don't worry at all about that! I'm very accomodating to my clients, so I always make sure we find a time that works best for both of us, regardless of the time zone so neither of us has to sacrifice sleep (or eating, food is important).

I am all for constructive criticism, if for some reason during the program you feel like it's not a fit for you anymore or you don't agree with something I'm teaching you, I am confident we can figure something out together. I have never had any problems with clients before, and most of them I continue counting as friends after our time as coach & client is up. Unfortunately, I can not offer refunds if the situation were to come to that.

okay, I'm ready! Sign me up!

Tell me, what's YOUR big reason for NOT signing up to work with me & launching a
podcast that will literally change your life & business?

This sounds amazing but...

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