So you want to be a podcast guest to get visibility and be known as THE expert...but you don't know where to start?
I've got you! In this whopping 10-page guide, you'll get my proven tips to reach out & get on podcasts, what you need to know before and after the episode, and extra tips to make it a successful interview!

P.S you can use it to get guests if you're already a podcaster)

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👉 Reach-out formula to get booked on podcast shows NOW!
👉  Podcast rules of networking.
👉 10-step fool-proof process from start to finish on how to reach out rather than pitch.

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I teach dozens of students math every day, and yet when it came to showing up on social media & record my podcasts I just couldn't do it.
Sabrina helped me gain confidence in knowing I don't need to be an expert, we went through the whole process together, created a brand for my podcast & perfected my message. I feel like I'm finally ready to launch and keep it up afterwards with the systems we put in place!

I used to think I had to be an expert to start a podcast, now I know I just need to be me!


I only had an intensive session with Sabrina since I used to be a radio personality and just wanted to know if if any skills were transferable nowadays. My mind was blown...after just 60-min with her!! We hashed out my podcast topic, came up with episode ideas & she made me realize how I don't need to feel stuck in one theme, as long as there's a connecting thread.

After one session, she reminded me of the possibilities I only saw as negatives before!

- diane corish

She is upbeat and positive and knows the ins and outs of hosting a podcast. I'm so glad I hired her to help me set up my podcast. We covered everything from format, to how to get guests, to cover art and branding, to having the confidence to really go for it. If you've ever dreamed of having a podcast and know that you need a helping hand, Sabrina is the best!

Sabrina is THE go-to podcast coach. 


I was unsure about podcasting before my session with Sabrina, I know I can figure things out on my own but I wanted the accountability of a coach by my side, and a confidence boost. She gave me both of those during our session, and she helped me see exactly what my next steps needed to be to get this show on the road! I'd hire her in a heartbeat for the clarity alone.

I have one word for what Sabrina gave me: CLARITY & for me, that's priceless!

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In January 2020, I started a branding business, a podcast: Pretty Sure Podcast (you can listen to it here), and soon after, my life started to change as I fell in love with podcasting and slowly found my voice again. 

I turned my mess of not feeling enough, alone and, misunderstood, I let go of my limiting beliefs and the little voice in my head telling me: “you’re not an influencer, nobody cares what you have to say”…into my message of: who gives a f**k, you’re awesome just the way you are, and if only ONE person listens, you’ve changed at least one life already!

My mission now, is to help entrepreneurs like YOU do the exact same thing and go through the process of overcoming your imposter syndrome, to turn your mess into a powerful message! All, so you can become badass podcasters that impact the world through your stories and grow your business your way!

i’m sabrina. fashion marketer turned podcasting coach.

nice to meet you,

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